The ultimate UAV controller

all in one seamless integration
  • Dual-boot: choice between Windows 10, Android x86 8.1 Oreo
  • The user can easily switch the operating system by re-starting
  • 3-way data link: RC, UHF (telemetry), digital link up to 50km
  • Onboard flight simulator
  • High power Quad Core x86 CPU for onboard processing features
  • Compatible to nearly every UAV system
  • Privacy by nature
  • Made by UAV pilots and IT professionals for all UAV pilots

data link

connecting everything
The internal backplane of the BeastTX has four module slots. Many different data links are available: HM-TRP 433/868/915 MHz (standard), Microhard series, XBee and many more on request. Ranges up to 50 km are possible (depending on module, regulations and configuration).


to manage everything

A proven design for the hard and dirty daily usage. With the capability to work the whole day (up to 8 hours battery runtime) you can easily do your job. The BeastTX will assist you at flight planning, flying, processing etc. Neither do you need your computer anymore nor any third party devices during your missions.

cpu Kopie

Computing power inside

stay connected to your company
The BeastTX has enough computing power for onboard processing of your datasets. You have different options from local processing to cloud uploading or processing in your company network. You are able to integrate it like a normal computer in your network. According to the rule „Privacy by nature“, the BeastTX has no more annoying connections than the standard Windows 10 or Android connections. But if you want more privacy, you can also use the pure Android without any Google services or a professional Linux distribution.

digital video link

stream everything

Stream with a digital datalink everything that you want from your drone. It is a network connection which also allows you to see your data in real time. Different data links are available with ranges up to 20km, AES encryption or 4k video resolution.

OEM integration

Are you interested to integrate the BeastTX in your product line? – You are welcome. Let’s discuss it.

HDMI output for VR goggles or second screen

Communicate directly with the camera in the drone

Light sensor for battery saving and calibrating multispectral cameras by light conditions

Talk with your co-pilot

Take a ride and enjoy VR

Integrated high precision RTK/ PPK receiver

1275cd/m² high brightness screen - readable even in direct sunshine

5 watt speakers for clear sound and speech output


Robust aluminium case, splashproof to IP54

milled from a solid aluminium block


plan, fly, process
T handle different tasks you need precise flight and mission planning. The BeastTX can assist you: Manage your logbook, your data, your processing. Local processing is just as possible as uploading into the cloud of a service provider or your companies network. You can connect the BeastTX to your company domain via VPN. You can share the video stream from your drone or even your desktop so he can assist you or send new flight plans.

tested in daily business

many years of development

Our team consists of highly specialized people in agriculture, UAVs, IT, CAD,

electronics and many years of flying experience.

The design of the BeastTX is the result of our daily business experiences.

technical details

easy to install and customize

Transmitter supported on neckstrap or camera tripod

Movement control for intuitive usage using movement sensors for camera maneuvers, speech output trigger, etc.

Air pressure sensor for precision landings

CPU: Intel® Pentium® N4200 Quad Core (4 x 1.1 / 2.5 GHz Burst Frequency) 2MB L2 cache

Ram: 8 GB DDR3L

Hard disk: SSD 250 GB (550 MB/s reading, 520 MB/s writing speed)

Intel® High Definition Audio (Intel® HD Audio) with 2 x 5 Watt speakers

Intel® HD Graphics 500

Screen: 7” ultra-high brightness 1275 cd/m2
1280 x 800 pixels, multi-touch, clearly legible in sunshine

Smart battery: Up to 6 hours runtime
OS (64-bit): Microsoft® Windows 10, Android 8.1 x86 Oreo, optional Ubuntu Linux

Solid CNC aluminium body

Splashproof connectors for 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0,
Micro SD card, Line Out, Line In, HDMI Output 1.4b up to 3840 × 2160 @ 30Hz (4K), 2 x SMA LTE, 2 x SMA WiFi, 1 x SMA GPS, 2 x SMA data links / RCWith two dual-axis stick units that are splash water proofed. 4 x 3-way switches, 4 x 2-way switches, 2 x momentary switches, trim buttons, 2 x pot + one pot, or one optional rotary control

WiFi: max. range 2 km
GPS installed
Optional: RTK or RTK/PPK
M-LINK: 2.4 GHz RC / telemetry up to 3 km

4x backplane slots with serial, USB 2.0, I/O Ports, 3.3 V, 5 V
Data Link: 433/868/915 MHz HopeRF HM-TRP up to 3 km (MAVLink-compatible)
As options Digital Video Link up to 20km, Microhard Module Series up to 50 km or similar. Optional: LTE modem for BVLOS up to 150 Mbit/s (standard SIM card)

 RC Core: OpenTX installed
Weight: approx. 1.900 g
Dimensions: length 326 mm; width 164 mm, height 40 mm